Burning Desire Slots

Just the name alone is enough to peak anyone's curiosity but then to find out that this is the title of one of the newest and hottest online slots sheds some new light on the situation. Burning Desire slots...and oh are they hot! Here, you have five reels but guess how many pay lines? None! No pay lines but still a possible 243 ways to win! Amazing to say the least! Oh yes...you can play up to 250 coins too! Stand back and watch...this is a brand new way of game play! No more relying on pay lines to get you some wins! You will see the term "Way Wins" when playing this slot game but don't worry...what this simply means is that every symbol is basically a scatter symbol which will help you create wins! Basically what this does is increases your winning chances while also increasing multiple winning combinations. There is a wild, scatter, free spin bonus round, and a gamble feature used in Burning Desire slots. Burning Desire slots are brought to you by Microgaming and if you want to you are welcome to play the game for free for a while prior to breaking out the bankroll. When you do decide to play for real you can play with coin values that range from just a meager penny up to a buck! Are you ready to find out how much is at stake? In standard play you can win up to 30,000 coins but in the free spin round you can win up to 90,000 coins!

This game is burning hot!

The wild symbol is the Burning Desire symbol and the wild symbol can be used to substitute for any other symbol to create more winning combinations for you. This...of course...does not include the scatter symbol. The scatter is the Burning Coin and it is also used to activate the free spin round. When you get a minimum of two Burning Coins on any reels you will have a winning combination. But...get three Burning Coins and you will be taken right to the Burning Desire Free Spins Bonus Round game. During the Burning Desire Free Spins Bonus Round anything that you win is tripled! During your initial free 15 spins if you happen to land another three Burning Coins just add another 15 spins to your tally.

Feel like a gamble?

Anytime that you win...regardless of how big or how small...the gamble feature is activated. What do you need to do? Nothing more than to guess the right color card and if you are right your win is doubled! Play this anytime when you feel a little lucky! Keep in mind that you only have two colors to choose from...black or red! There is no question about it...Burning Desire slots bring a new way of game play to the table...